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Get a Best IPTV Subscription

“Your STB blocked. Call provider”.

It means your MAC address is not registered our server yet. If you use MAG device, Dreamlink box or STB app make sure MAC address you fill in is correct.

You are using the M3u list but now you want to change intoPortal or vice versa, and wondering you can do it or not.

Sure you can do it but please contact us, we will change it for you . “Please don’t use the fake email. Thank you”. We don’t accept all email, please use your real email to register on our web if your email is real but still having this message just let us know. We will fix it.

If you want to use more than 1 device at the same time you must take a second subscript.

IPTV Subscription

IPTV Subscription Trial 24h BUY PREMIUM IPTV

NO Hidden Fees! No Contract!
Over 7000 Channels!
24/7 support
99.9% Uptime
Only 1 Device
Auto Channels Updates
Available Worldwide

We provide IPTV Subscription 7300 Channels and 10000 VOD (Best Buy Iptv 24h trial).

If you do not already have an account with BUY PREMIUM IPTV , go to register. It’s easy to create a trial account with BUY PREMIUM IPTV. Set up a trial account within a minute with these simple steps. The following steps explain how to complete the  Create an IPTV Subscription BUY PREMIUM IPTV.

To create a trial IPTV Subscription for 24h:

Step 1. Visit Create an IPTV Subscription https://www.buypremium-iptv.com/register/ for  trial account.

Step 2. Enter your email in the Email section.

Step 3. Select your device.

IPTV Subscription

after that. Please choose your Channels list .

IPTV Subscription

Step 4. After you enter information then click the submit button.  We will be in touch with you shortly. Your Information will sent to your email.

How To Receive Your Trial Access Account:

Step 1.  All your credentials will be sent to your email address via [email protected] (so please check even your spam emails)

N.B : Please try to send us your real whatsapp Number in order to get an alternative way to send you the trial account 

IPTV Subscription

After the 24h trial, you can buy IPTV Subscription on our page https://www.buypremium-iptv.com/pricing/ A yearly subscription IPTV is  at 40 €.

Attention: You can use only one connection at the same time. If you use more than one device at the same time all channel will freeze and buffer. If you want to use two devices or more please buy a different subscription.
Go to : https://www.buypremium-iptv.com/shop/

Contact us for more information:

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